Rare Sats Auctions

Ordinals is a protocol for numbering satoshis, which are the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Each satoshi is given a unique sequential number based on the time it was mined. Using the Ordinals protocol, individual sats can be tracked and transferred, and people can inscribe information on them.
These features make sats attractive to collect, and periodic events on the Bitcoin network create opportunities for a system of rarity. Different levels of rarity are based on the block in which the satoshi was mined.
f2pool will present the first satoshi we own from Bitcoin blocks for auction. Each satoshi will have its own unique rarity. Feel free to bid on the ones that interest you. Collect the satoshi you've won from an auction, create an NFT with it (NFT creation function to be launched), or transfer it to others.
If you want to bid on uncommon or rarer satoshis, you can join the auctions here and collect your favorite sats!
For bulk purchases, please contact [email protected].
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