10² Islands

f2pool’s 10th anniversary edition of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs

f2pool was founded at the time of the inception of mining industrialization in 2013.
Now both f2pool and Bitcoin mining industry have turned 10 years old.
To tribute the milestones that shaped Proof-of-Work blockchains for the past decade, f2pool inscribes 10 custom-made NFT series to the Bitcoin network.
Let’s review and record the fantastic moments in the industry!
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Frequently Asked Questions

10² Islands is an NFT series created and issued by f2pool as Bitcoin Ordinals. The NFTs are to celebrate f2pool’s 10th anniversary and the milestones achieved in the Bitcoin and mining community over the past decade. It consists of 100 unique NFTs that symbolize 10 events and inspiring stories from each year between 2013 and 2022. The NFTs will be gifted to the crypto-mining community through engaging interactions and events, with 100 rare NFTs being allocated to participants in different categories. Read details about the allocation.

Ordinals NFTs are a unique numbering scheme for satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Each satoshi is given a unique sequentially ordered number, based on the time it is mined. The numbering scheme allows for tracking and transferring of individual sats. Each Ordinals NFT is inscribed with a satoshi and stored directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, without requiring a sidechain or token aside from Bitcoin. This feature is enabled by Taproot, the recent Bitcoin upgrade that enhances privacy and efficiency. To learn more about Ordinals NFTs, visit their website here.

If you have some experience with running codes, you can try installing an Ord wallet. Alternatively, you can choose another wallet that supports Ordinals, such as Sparrow Wallet, by following this guide, or a hardware wallet like Ledger, by following this guide. We strongly recommend creating a new and separate wallet for each NFT to reserve it.

It’s important to keep your wallet’s private key safe and be cautious in your operations when handling Ordinals NFTs. Improper operation during the process of transferring Ordinals can result in the loss of the NFT. Currently, the process for handling Ordinals is not very automated. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a sufficient understanding of UTXO and other related knowledge before transferring it or transfer Ordinals NFTs under the guidance of professionals.

After all 100 Ordinals NFTs of the 10² Islands series have been inscribed on the blockchain and their information is recorded on our Gallery page, you can search and compare them on the page using the NFT’s ID (Find the ID on ordinals.com). You can also use the “Verify My NFT” window to verify your NFT.