Algorithm Ethash
Current Height 6163708
Price $ 0.0006
High (24h) $ 0.0007
Low (24h) $ 0.0006
0,6500000000 Circulating Rate
0,0 Turnover Rate
0.0,0.0 Dominance

Callisto ia a new blockchain network based on the Ethereum protocol with its own cryptocurrency (CLO). Unlike ETH, CLO is posing itself as a value storage. The whole emission is completely controlled by miners and their influence grows with the growth of the network. Callisto introduces a Cold staking protocol that rewards coin holders for being network participants.

Cold staking is a smart-contract based process that allows CLO holders to earn interest in a total CLO emission when they hold CLO coins at their balances for long enough period of staking time (1 month by default).